Oxytocin Overdose

Blood is not death or gore,
Blood can be a very sexual, visceral thing.
It is the bringer of life.
Death has nothing to do with blood. Dead bodies are void of it.
I relate to Blood in how feminine it is.
The menstrual cycle, so innately female.
The cycle is powerful, aligned with the moon. It is a sign of a fertile, healthy, mandatory being.
The Blood in “Oxytocin Overdose and “Love Like Razor Blades” reminds me of the uncontrolled, wild, waterfall of menstrual blood. As well as the hormones that drown both male and females when we meet in our most beautiful of dances.
The syringes relate Love to it’s hormonal origins; the chemical reaction, it is a drug.
They are full of oxytocin and dopamine, like the glands, they blast the brain with what she will perceive as true love.
It is chaos
She will fall hard.
She will want more.
We are addicted.


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