Good Ol’ fashioned Romance-Vows to my sweetest Love

Why do you deny thee??
Who told you that you were free?
Fuck your happiness
You should be miserable with anyone but me

I should be your every thought
I should be your only care
I should always be on your lips
And the answer to your every prayer!

From when the sun falls off the ocean
Until the bitch burns no more
You will follow me forever
I’ll run your heart down to its core

You are mine, my possession
These words I speak, You will never question
Yeah, Maybe you should have thought it through
Before you whispered to me ‘I love you’

I’m sure you thought yourself clever
Little did you know that those words meant forever
So as you find yourself within me
I bind you, my love, psychologically

You won’t want to run
No use, you can never hide
But don’t worry, I’ll make you happy
I promise that even after we have died

You took something from me
Cut through my ice heart with a knife
And now, lucky you
You will pay with your life.



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