Cock & Squid

So what the hell is up with the big red squid and his phallic friend? No I wasn’t in one of my horny seafood moods, like most of my odd art there is a reason to the absurdity. C.A.S. is a question and statement, the question being why are we so afraid to admit that we have genitals? Why does every other animal swing in the wind and we hide it like a dead body? What is our shame? Also CAS has a bit of a under tone in that I took the power away from the penis, I’m forcing the viewer to really stare at it as a piece of art and not in one it about sex or violence or any other meaning society has attached to our elongated friends. In a way it’s a celebration of beauty and bringing to light what we have hidden for so long-I could have easily done Vagina and squid but people would miss the point and think the squid was a creep :). But anyway you know, it really is a shame when two people can engage in an such a vulnerable and important act (it’s why we’re here after all) and they can’t even keep the lights on because of shame- I say step back and just stare at each other, respect the human body as a masterpiece of evolution, not simply a sex toy attached to a man and a seminal depositing vesicle.


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