There she lies beneath torn ignorance
Veil after veil ripped away
Stains on white innocence
Tears will rule another day

Told all the things she wanted to hear
Naivety shielded her ears tight
Emotions were only fetuses
Virgins of wrong from right

Whispering sweetly in her ear
Lies sedate her from the pain
Chocking, dying, she doesn’t know
Her mental wounds are pouring like rain

And she is bleeding-
The blindfold slips off
Buried all at once by exposure
The days are lost, her youth is lost
And there will never lie closure

She puts her hand out to be loved
Reality is too wild and vicious
Life-in a frenzy- rapes harder
Granting all death wishes

And as breath seeks it’s last departure
And the chains and thorns comfort the ride
A sleeping beast is rising
The conscious breaking to the outside

Who am I? Dare I let the past defeat
The scars only signs of war
Inside myself I am, I am
An asylum
Perhaps worse than before

And I am cold
And I am numb
A shell who’s lost it’s purpose and core
Vicious knowledge rapes bliss
Taunting life’s little whore

From my fear
Ashes of insecurity
Rose the demons of my lorn
I could not say I died this long night
For I was destroyed before I was born

They cradled me in filthy paws
Distorted love had it’s birth
I cling to myself-these dragons
The sick embryos of self worth

And as I grew-my incarnations
They imprisoned me and kept me far
Until this day they never failed me
Except when they held me behind these bars



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