Hi, May I sit here? Oh, Your artwork is dark yet beautiful…and so is your soul

Did I tell you that last night? I met a super villain
Taking hearts and screaming names
or at least I wanted to scream his as he dissected

He detected, every Disguise

That I foolishly believed that years could hide

Quick wit and a joker’s smile


I’m having a break down and he’s laughing

Crashing, I’m Running

from the sun light, the flash in the night, of me, my personality

Why is he able, How can he see?

Knees held close and tightly

eyes shifting to passing cars
His eyes burned holes through me, reading my body

all of my scars

I’m pushing him away, he’s pulling me in, I’m playing a chess game with a master

I am normally the queen, He’s about to win

He sips his beer, asks me who I am? I wait

Stutter, wait, I begin, He finishes

Like he has followed behind me,

stalking as I gained a new secret and tucked it away

In a box where a little girl who was outspoken became broken

and painted black all days

And I was thinking that I would die by my own hands, alone and misunderstood, if destiny would not save me from pain, maybe, Oh just maybe I could

I flirted with the reaper, sliding down to flatline,

I laughed at danger,

I walk in a world

where I am a stranger,

yet this day, he comes, just like me but stranger,

and he dissects me like an angel sent from hell

to let me know that I am not really that different or maybe I am, and only he could tell

I have opened my heart, a hopeless romantic at worst

Too bad my luck has once and always rhymed with curse

to survive, to thrive, it is always best to leave it close and closed,


Yet here comes this villain, this smiling fool, thief of the night, sitting before me, breathing down my neck,

You fiend, My mind screams, You’re not supposed to know that I am a wreck

telling me what I want to hear, reading all the notes of my heart that I cannot bear,

He’s into me, a one sided mirror, my dark side he seduces and doesn’t fear her

Slits in his eyes, a snake, a hero, am I falling apart or am I falling for you?

Cool, Calm, Collected

Sweeps my hair and touches my face, passionate yet disinterested

You are driving me crazy

He says ‘it didn’t even phase me’

I finally open up, since I’m wasting out already

He kindly lets me try to impress him, press him, I try, I do, too his surprise I break him too

We share dreams of destruction, constructing

a bond like we had been one another’s for years

staring into his eyes and through him, him through me,

a mental war we play with  and laugh, I sighed

the man even romanticizes suicide,

like I did on the pages of notebooks that will never be seen, oh god I pray they never be seen

He asks Why?


Yes, Why?

Why aren’t you dead yet?

I am.

I tell him, I killed myself a long time ago

and he holds me close and says,

Yes, my love, I know.

—-Written by Phazero——


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