Unity and zzz

Im learning Unity Scripting and Vector math. C# is very straight forward, learning the basics is mundane- I look forward to the intermediate work but like with any language I need to babble before I can speak poetically. The new job is going well (though working full time again is a rude/tiring awakening lol…I haven’t worked full time in probably 3 years so its def taking some getting used to) I still have this weird post-grad excitement lull- I don’t think its going to go away until I have my own place again. Call me a typical american consumer but it feels very off to not have my own bed, my own rug, surrounded by my things, my smell, my space. Its like Im not recharging because of that. UCLA is probably going to offer my housing a couple of months before school starts, it may be nice to move and work in LA for a little instead of twiddling my fingers in Dallas but we’ll see, we’ll see. There should really be a support group for post-admissions purgatory depression…anxiety lolz


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