June wk 2 Progress

Im chunked my learning a bit to make sure everything sticks with me looking term so rn its C++ in Unreal and reviewing trignometry, and game specific calc + linear algebra (linear algebra is by far the most important math to learn rn and There’s a 82% chance Ill need to study probability as well.) My resources are C++ through Game Programming (Dawson), 3D Primer for Graphics and Game Development (Dunn), Udemy course: C++ in Unreal, and a UC Irvine STEM trig course on coursera (terrible course but best math textbook Ive ever read). I finished the lynda programming basics bit didn’t learn much, I took a really intense python course and have yet to find anything as good as it but the search continues. Because of that course and with a sprinkling of natural ability Im fortunately able to pick up languages pretty quickly so learning C++ and C# at the same time is ez pz (lies…LIES..hehe no really its not as challenging as I thought it would be ^.^).

Bonus: my desk has become a weird little eye spy page.

Can you find:

An old dog, a coffee mug, steak knife, “study” beer, c++ book, code for a weird game, lack of sleep, club crackers


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