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I give up.

lolol No, I’m kidding (but this is a cheat code in my game shhh lol)

So I had my game up for distribution as a proof of concept buuut there’s a serious bug in the lighting and my cloud storage severely failed me- it stopped syncing and then reconnected and started wreaking havoc on my files which broke my game completely. I can still play it but no one else can. But fortunately, this was just a sprint 0/test run so I’m going to toss this file and use everything I learned here to build up a new iteration of the level.

I gained so much ground in learning media textures, how to construct triggers and timed events, HUD UI, unreal umg,  movement coding, and sooooo much more. And of course using what I learned from having people playtest I will be able to refine my new design (which I need to do throughout every stage of the project I now fully understand!)

It’s incredible the amount you learn from just building a game, any game. Something all industry people say is if you want to get better “Make. A. Game!” and they’re soooo right. It’s fun, rewarding and so terribly frustrating as well. This iteration of Maslow was built in under two weeks (as I was also building levels on Last Flight and balancing my 16 hours of courses this semester!) and there were sleepless nights and hair pulling and crash crash crash oh look it works…CRASH, but(!) it was so worth it and I would do it again a thousand times over especially to watch people play and enjoy it again.

So the next step is to completely rebuild from scratch and I’m going to use perforce for now on so that one drive doesn’t attack my project again o.o ^.^ Perforce is a bit complicated for someone without a computer science background but it is an amazing tool for protecting your game and working on different devices seamlessly. Also the visual client is a god send!

Ok overview as I’m putting this level to bed-On this project in a span of 2 weeks I:

-designed the game play and level
-constructed static meshes with blueprints
-built static meshes in 3ds max
-built blueprints for materials, HUD timer, buttons, triggers, media textures, timer on game, pick ups, lights, and other scripted events
-performed debugging on Visual studio community 2015

An art game project: Maslow’s pyramid


my G.I.V.E U.P. blueprint

^G.I.V.E. U.P/Silver Spon cheat to activate hidden areas (hopefully no one in my class sees this before they play :p)

Inserting some more funtionality in my personal-game jam art game due Monday. Showne here is the “Silver Spoon unlock” hehe and how I’ve added functionality on the pick ups to destroy static meshes. My scripting skills are def growing ^.^

^ some notes I made after figuring out how to open doors with triggers