An art game project: Maslow’s pyramid


my G.I.V.E U.P. blueprint

^G.I.V.E. U.P/Silver Spon cheat to activate hidden areas (hopefully no one in my class sees this before they play :p)

Inserting some more funtionality in my personal-game jam art game due Monday. Showne here is the “Silver Spoon unlock” hehe and how I’ve added functionality on the pick ups to destroy static meshes. My scripting skills are def growing ^.^

^ some notes I made after figuring out how to open doors with triggers




Currently learning 3D modeling




This Winter Break I’m taking in as many tutorials and books as I can to learn 3D modeling in 3ds max for game art. Above is my first complete car that I made into a little custom gift thanks to shapeways. 3D modeling is very challenging but also very rewarding, I mean how cool is it to think about something, build it and then get to interact with it in the virtual or physical world. Almost makes me want to be an engineer except I don’t think I’ll be able to find funding for dragon lairs and plasma race cars o.o

The Arti-tech