copyright Christina Curlee

This piece is a 3Dimensional heart installation. (These are just a few detail pics)


The Bottles are wombs of Addiction/Need/Poverty,
Doubt crawls around
Wraps into Insecurity around like Silk
Inside Love shape shifts through insecurity, need, desire
Sometimes it forms completely into the broken, ratchet, butterfly
Cunning, Swift, Hunter, Impoverished, It needs, Its broken
Sometimes it drowns before it is born
or suffocates without attention
or too broken to escape it’s own constraints

The Needles are Contingency
Beauty grows within them,
It is not perfect, it grows from dirt
It only feins perfection with bright color
Beauty only exits when Need, Desire, and Love finds it

Love searches for Beauty
Much more rare than Love
He was begotten as the son of Poverty and Contrivance on Aphrodite’s birthday
From Poverty he is lacking, but from Contrivance he is always seeking.
One must not confuse Love with Love’s object