In response to my painting, The Daily Texan says WTF is this sh*t?

“For all the interesting art at the exhibit, the show had some disappointing pieces as well. One large canvas combined pink paint, sparkles and broken bicycle pieces in a messy mix that demonstrated a lack of technical skill.”

Damn, I see I have gained another fan-intrigued by my “lack of technical skill” and complete disregard for all that is orderly. HAHA I actually do find her description to be pretty spot on to how I describe my work :p I have a feeling I’m going to get a lot of raised eye brows throughout my art life so bring them on. Oh well, any publicity is good publicity, so is life 🙂


Fear: This is Your God Now



Fear: This is Your God Now, 2009/2012

Acrylic, Original Photograph by Phazero, Ink, Modeling Paste, Dollar bill,Stage Blood on Canvas 1/1

18” x 24”

ID 2


It’s only when you’ve Lost Everything, that you’re free to be anything.
I am at the bottom
where there is no way you can bring me down
I am free.
When I have no possessions to lose,
no home to be stolen,
nothing to cut off,
nothing to reposess.
I won.
All I have is what is inside, that which you can never steal from me.
I can walk this earth and wherever I stop is home.
F*** your money, It is your god. F*** your god.
Everything you buy,
everything you harbor will become another link on your chain.
You think you have it all
you have nothing but worries.
What you have, can mean the end of your life
from those that want to destroy you for it.
Not me.
There’s no benefit for them from me
Re-think what you need and who you are.
Be Free

Oxytocin Overdose: Love Like Razorblades, 2009/2012


Oxytocin Overdose: Love Like Razorblades, 2009/2012

Acrylic, Paper, Ink, Pipe Cleaners, Glitter and Blades on Canvas 1/1


ID 1




This is of Love but it is no love story. It is unattainable, frustration and loss. It is falling for someone with all your heart only to have their heart closed to you. The tears fall at night that they will never wipe away. This is no fairy tale. You may meet your soul mate but sometimes they don’t give a damn about you. It is not always happily ever after. In the composition there is a lot of blood, high color, light, broken hearts and an overall childish overtone to something that is very dark. There is a message here of Love being Childish: something silly, a fantasy, a waste of time and energy. It is the most draining, hurtful, detrimental force. It can bring out the worse in you, it can be the death of you and we have been trained to think that we must obtain a partner or fail horribly in life, alone and unsuccessful. Nevertheless, as a human, I need to Love. I need to Love, Lust, Fuck and Die- I hate it. It is an addiction. I Love it. Of course I only feel this way when you deny me, I feel dark, angry and hopeless. If you accepted me, I would give you my whole world and watch you burn it to the ground. I love you, you complete me, you destroy me.

Oxytocin Overdose: Love Like Razorblades

My masochistic fantasy
Keeping me in the forever state of need
a drug that cant be found
I fiend. I shake. Your seed
that spreads through the caverns of my mind
and holds captive what once was mine
so I’ll hope, I’ll wish, I’ll pray
in hypocrisy, my lips will stay
when they pretend to take me, I’ll know
that these fools are pawns, it’s yours
No, you’re mine. Pain is not the word for this
Obsession, Obsession is, Obsession is what drives me.
For obsession, I will never shed a tear
it’s not about you, it is you, just you
but it’s not about you.
I will find you, have you, Destroy you.
Like the child’s pet, I will love you and forget you
Before you even knew that you were bleeding
I’ll take it all and run away-Selfish
Just like you

Love, Phazero